How to login router using

You need to login to the router if you want to setup it for Wi-Fi connection. That is why, you should setup the device first and it is very easy. Before Wi-Fi connection activated, you need to confirm that the hardware connection of the devices is ready. Then you need to ensure that power connection of the device is enable. But you have to do all of those thing after reading the manual. That manual contains full instruction about configuration and installation. I suggest users read the manual first and then start work for the configuration.

The IP address is used in the router. But most of the routers and modem use this IP address. If you check online, then you can see few numbers of manufacturer use this IP address. However, all of the manufactures offer change option for the IP for the router and modem. If you just follow the rules of IP changing, then it should be saved and work. Do not change the IP address default. Because it is important and you should not change it if the IP address is If your router or modem use this IP address, then you can see the status of the router and modem after login. In many cases, you need to use username and password. But if you want to modify anything or want to know anything detail then you should login to the site.
If you want to login to the router or modem, then you need to use IP address. You need to confirm that your device supports and its login data that you have collected. Now you need to use a browser as a tool. On the address space of the browser, type the IP address and hit the enter button. If you are asked to put the username and password, then use those data. If you are trying to login to the modem, you should apply the similar process for login to the router.
After login to the router and modem, you can configure and know the detail status. If you have logged to the router, then you can setup Wi-Fi connection for the router and confirm that those information works. If you see the SSID name after searching it via wireless devices, then your device is working perfectly and it can share the Wi-Fi connection. You need to secure the Wi-Fi connection from the router setting page. This processes are also easy.
If you have logged in to the modem, then you need not to worry much. The connection will be established when you add the cable or provide sufficient information in it. In this case, you can ask help from the ISP. When you call them, they will help you. You can read the manual to know more. You do not think about modem security like router. Because router provides Wi-Fi connection and it passes through air that is why it can be hacked. So, you need to confirm the security for Wi-Fi.